Tuesday, October 17, 2006

#177: October 17, 2006

One day I'll tuck my hands behind my head,
Put my feet up, exec-style, on my desk;
Leave the voice-mail's blinking eye angry and red,
Turn my screen saver on and get some rest;

One day I'll just lean back and close my eyes
And shuffle off to Dreamland for a while;
Let coworkers debate the whats and whys
Behind my sleepy Bartleby-esque smile;

Perhaps my beard will grow down to the floor,
My fingernails curl like a ribbon's tail,
My PC obselesce while I just snore,
The company bankrupt, the markets fail--

And one day I'll wake up, and stretch, and stand,
And step into a more exciting land.


MC Katie said...

Yeah, I know you don't know me, I just decided to click that nifty "Next Blog" botton for once, and hey, it was yours.

Anyway, I LIKED it...very true...you wrote it, I hope? Well, I like it. Very nice.

Sonnet Boy said...

Thanks for reading! Yes, every poem on the site is by me. My goal is to hit 365 in April of 07. I don't know if I'll be able to stop then...it's become quite a habit.

Anyway, thanks again! I'll check out your blog too.