Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Holy Crap--I've Been TRANSLATED!

Quick, does anyone know German?


Mine's a little rusty, and Babelfish and Ubiquity only take me so far...but still, I'm really inordinately pleased with this discovery! I mean, I'm always tickled beyond all reason when I learn that someone, somewhere is reading my stuff anyway...but to learn that I'm being read in GERMAN? That's above and beyond!

Like I said, I can't make out very much, but it's fairly clear someone's using some of the Sonnet Project entries for translation exercises...which is a use for my poetry that I whole-heartedly approve! I just wish I knew German so I could tell if they're any good or not... ;)

And Sneaky, my translator, if you're reading this--please contact me! You've made my day!

Monday, November 03, 2008

And Yet MORE Poetry News!

Guess who's the Spotlight Poet for November 2008 over at well-respected and awesome poetry site The Hypertexts? That's right--yours truly, baby.

Editor Mike Burch has compiled a wonderful, extensive online poetry journal with a strong bent toward the classic and the formal, and I'm honored to have been noticed by him and invited to submit some of my best work. Not only that, but now I can say I've been anthologized with such poetry giants as Richard Moore, X. J. Kennedy, Rhina P. Espaillat, and Sonnet Boy's all-time poetry hero Jack Butler! So yeah, I'm pretty pleased and proud about the whole thing.

Check out the lovely write-up poet and editor T. Merrill gave me here, along with no fewer than 12 of my sonnets, some of them newly revised and improved. Let me know what you think!