About This Site: The Project Continues...

I started this blog in April of 2006, as a place for me to put my poetry as I struggled to write a sonnet a day for an entire year. I achieved that goal--first sonnet here, last sonnet here--and even restarted the project abortively in 2009.

The Project was a rewarding experience for me, as I wrote about in my wrap-up essay here--not only did I manage to publish some of the fruits of my labor, but it made me more attentive to the world around me, to my own thoughts and ideas. It kept me engaged, if for no other reason than that I was always looking for material.

But that's easy to fall out of in the rut of day to day routine; it's easy to become disengaged. That's what happened to me. I stopped writing, stopped observing, stopped creating--I merely existed, growing less and less content with every passing month. In a word, it sucked.

So I've started again. I no longer have anything to prove--my goal is only to stay engaged, stay creative, stay writing. They won't all (or even most) of them be great, but now I know that's not the point. The point is to keep going.

Please read and enjoy. Comments and encouragement gratefully accepted.

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