Wednesday, June 27, 2007


"This can't go on!" the rebel said.
But oh, it could. And so it did.


ThatGreenyFlower said...

It does go on, you silly-head,
And so it will until you're dead.

'At's life, mate.

Sonnet Boy said...

Believe it or not, I was actually going for something a little broader than my own (admittedly tiresome) bitching about my life--something that encompasses that, sure, but also touches on idealism vs. realism in a more universal, cynical sense.

But since you're one of only three people who read this blog, I guess your critical interpretation is the authoritative one. :)

Deborah P Kolodji said...

I was trying to find an e-mail address for you to let you know about the sonnet contest the SFPA is having:

The focus is "speculative sonnets" which means they could be science fiction, fantasy, horror, science-inspired, surreal, about astronomy, etc, etc. They could be about a fairy tale, an Arthurian legend, an "ET" encounter, or the non-planet status of Pluto.

Entries are free and there's some great prizes. I'm trying to get the word out to poets interested in sonnets, so we'll have some entries from experienced sonneteers.....