Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Holy Crap--I've Been TRANSLATED!

Quick, does anyone know German?


Mine's a little rusty, and Babelfish and Ubiquity only take me so far...but still, I'm really inordinately pleased with this discovery! I mean, I'm always tickled beyond all reason when I learn that someone, somewhere is reading my stuff anyway...but to learn that I'm being read in GERMAN? That's above and beyond!

Like I said, I can't make out very much, but it's fairly clear someone's using some of the Sonnet Project entries for translation exercises...which is a use for my poetry that I whole-heartedly approve! I just wish I knew German so I could tell if they're any good or not... ;)

And Sneaky, my translator, if you're reading this--please contact me! You've made my day!


Mike Fan said...

I don't know German...but that's pretty sweet!


Sneaky said...

Hi Scott,

this is Sneaky. I chanced upon your comment and this is my hello. Translating is a hobby of mine and besides translating classical sonnets the german owner of Sonett-Forum and me are trying to translate modern sonnets too. We translate poems from Sonett Central too, I think you know the board I speak of. One of the members there told about your site and project, so I followed the trail and started translating.


Sneaky (Willi)