Saturday, February 21, 2009

#367: Eyewitness

It's said, behind the cobweb-colored drapes
and cataract windows, perhaps one night
of twenty, someone in there strikes a light
and walks those halls. The candle-glow escapes
through dusty panes and warping bits of wood
and sometimes through the craters in that roof--
the attic, where she died. If you need proof,
walk by there now--but I don't think you should.

I've been by there when light shone through the pane
that backed her bedroom. I have heard her moan
through that slit throat he gave her years ago.
And once I slept on her bed, when the rain
had chilled me cold as--why? Hell, I don't know.
But some things, kid, are better left alone.

1 comment:

Scott said...

Ah, my old standby, the haunted house poem. Seems whenever I'm lacking inspiration I can still wring one of these out. Some are better than others, but as for this...TCABG.