Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#405: Because Such Distractions of Beauty Cannot Bet Left toStand

Out yesterday, along a path that led
behind a dozen houses on my street
I suddenly smelled honeysuckle flowers.
The sweetness of their perfume made me turn
and break through brambles till my shins were lined
with scratches and my ankles burned. In pain,
I trailed that sunny odor to its source.

Perhaps I half expected godly bowers
where Venus, ringed with cherubim, entwined
her earthly lovers. What I found instead:
a grumpy neighbor rooting out the sweet
gold blossoms and green vines from where her chain
link fence was set. She piled them high to burn.
She smiled and shrugged. I understood, of course.

1 comment:

Scott said...

A variation on the new form I started experimenting with a hundred sonnets ago. Though originally I had two septets of strictly rhymed pentameter (ABCDEFG ABCDEFG), this time I'm opened it up a bit and just made sure that every line in the opening septet has a corresponding rhyme in the closing septet. In this case, ABCDEFG CEABFDG. I like having the same rhyme at the end of both--ties it together a little bit, like a bisected couplet.

As to the subject matter, I think I need a longer poem for what I've got in my head, but it was a fun exercise.