Tuesday, March 15, 2011


You always kept some water by the bed
in case you woke up thirsty in the night.
I still remember that—and how the light
cut fault-lines through the glass. And once you said
you felt just like the white stray cat you fed
with scraps on paper plates you left outside.
When she stopped coming round, Lord, how you cried—
the water down your face, eyes puffed and red.

I think sometimes about the night you tried
to make me say I loved you—how the bright
blue tears stood in your eyes, where gold light bled
its heart-breaking refraction; how the sight
drew out my ugly truth; and how instead,
now knowing what I owe—I should have lied.


Happy birthday, Berta, wherever you are.

Original version on The Sonnet Project, December 29, 2006 (link)
Published at The Hypertexts, November 2008 (link)


BrightLights said...

I loved this poem. absolutely loved it

refugee from reason said...

I hope you continue to post your work. It's quite good, especially that which is classical form.

Scott said...

@BrightLights--thanks so much for the comment! I'm sorry it took me a while to publish it; I didn't think people even read these anymore. I've been toying with doing some more, taking another crack at the daily poetry, but my Muse has been missing. Maybe soon.

@refugee from reason--again, thanks! There's tons of stuff here that *isn't* good, but that was kind of the point. I think I got a few good ones out of it at least. :)

refugee from reason said...

Perhaps you'll enjoy this:


Scott said...

@refugee from reason -- thanks for the link! I enjoyed the poem--would you say that was in the "American Sonnet" form? Anyway, it's humorous and wry and quite relatable. Thanks again!

refugee from reason said...

I'm too old to differentiate anymore, however, I am working on a sestina. Thanks for reading.

Lorena said...

Love your poems! Nice to meet you ;)

Scott said...

Thank you Lorena! I'm sorry it took me so long to publish your comment. I didn't know people still read my stuff on here. But I'm glad you did! Nice to meet you too.