Monday, November 20, 2006

#211: November 20, 2006

Watch carefully, for this is not a trick:
I'm going to disappear before your eyes!
Don't blink, because it happens pretty quick,
And I'll be gone before you realize.

You'll posit me a master of disguise,
Say I slipped out unnoticed with the crowd
Like any one of half a hundred guys
Who leave scratching their heads, completely wowed.

You'll wonder, did I somehow hypnotize
The audience, or give the lights a flick
And through a trap door seem to vaporize?
You'll wonder how such trickery's allowed--
While round about your heads my essence flies
And dissipates like vapors in the skies.

1 comment:

Sonnet Boy said...

I may have cheated on the rhyme sceme a little here, rhyming one syllable 8 times an the others 3 each, but I like fiddling with the form. Anyway, if you don't like this one, check the archives. There's bound to be a form back there somewhere to satisfy you. :)