Thursday, January 25, 2007

#277: January 25, 2007

My Stabby Thing won't fail to break the skin--
its tapered end is blunt, but hides a sting;
it's pointy and precociously sanguine
and made to penetrate--My Stabby Thing.

My Stabby Thing must be handled with care,
or else there'll be a sticky reckoning;
it has been known to give folks quite a scare
so be gentle with it--My Stabby Thing.

My Stabby thing is quiet, clean, and quick--
it only needs a bit of anchoring;
then cock and press feel the gentle prick
and know it's done the job--My Stabby Thing.

An apparatus worthy of a king,
my pen-shaped pal, My Wondrous Stabby Thing.


Sonnet Boy said...

My Stabby Thing. :)

ml said...

ok, mr. diabetic smartass...

Serena Joy said...

Great job with a sticky subject. I'm definitely scared of stabby things.:)

Hey, about that Sur. thing you asked me about, it's a definite no-go. Things there are dire indeed.

middleclasstool said...

Eeybita eeybita.

Sonnet Boy said...

Serena--thanks for the info. I kinda figured as much, given the long non-updates on the site. A shame.

Scott said...

Wow. I hadn't read this in months, and coming back to it now I find it's a lot more sexually suggestive than I remember it being.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Guess what's on your mind bleeds through. :)