Saturday, January 27, 2007

#279: January 27, 2007

Let's have a drink and sing another song,
clasp hands and wander back from now to then;
for moments here are short, and life is long,
and who knows when we'll come this way again.

The world is full of strangers, cads, and thieves,
and far too nearly empty now of friends;
the years fall through our arms like autumn leaves,
and happy seasons early meet their ends.

So come, embrace and call me by my name!
Lift up your glass, and I'll salute with mine.
In years to come, nothing will taste the same
except our love, and this fruit of the vine.

Let's drink our memories, for they are sweet--
My friend, my brother, till next time we meet.


Serena Joy said...

For some reason, that speaks volumes to the way I'm feeling tonight.

littlebirdblue said...

...And should we pass tomorrow in the street,

Let us not as strangers each other greet.

or, is greeting strangers a thing only southerners feel compelled to do?