Thursday, March 08, 2007

#319: March 8, 2007

When everything is years on down the line,
and nothing present seems of consequence;
when causes come unmoored from their events
and concretion divorced from its design;

When planning for the future circumvents
the now to such a grim totality,
and pyramids of possibility
sit desert-stranded, distant and immense--

When, stripped of every hopeful recompense,
the roof caves in...hey, listen--come with me.
Instead of willing planets to align
just so, let's try for once just being free.
Let's see what inverse worriment invents.
C'mon, let's go. Hold tight now. You'll be fine.


Sonnet Boy said...

Inspired a bit by the last lines of this wonderful poem by E. E. Cummings. (Who capitalized his own initials, by the way.)

middleclasstool said...

Really enjoyed this one. Spoke to me particularly, what with all the changes and uncertainty going on lately.

Good stuff, man, thanks.

missustool said...

Yeah, especially that part about the roof caving in. :)