Wednesday, April 04, 2007

#346: April 4, 2007

So everything is crap. Now that's a fact
that can't be changed by fresheners or words.
No matter what you say, nor how you act,
the whole damn place is asshole-high in turds.

Sometimes someone will get the bright idea
to clean the floor, tidy things up a bit;
but soon an avalanche of diarrhea
buries his good intent in heaps of shit.

It always flows back in, just like the tide.
It's one big global, stinky, septic loop.
Perhaps it's nature, not to be denied:
we've all evolved to live and thrive in poop.

If so, humanity's in quite a mess;
but folks get used to anything, I guess.


Sonnet Boy said...

Having done sonnets on both the finer points of pissing and farting, there was really only one place left to go. Now that I've got THAT out of my system, I can complete my project with a, mind.

Oh, and I'm sorry. Really, I am. :)

middleclasstool said...

please stop writing poems about my house kthx