Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not as Single Spies...

But in battalions! Or at least in duos.

I learned last night that my sonnet "Langham's Pond" (#225, from December 4, 2006) will be published in the next issue of the speculative fiction/poetry publication Aberrant Dreams. Not only that, but they're paying me a dollar a line for it! Paid poetry--nothing to sneeze at, you know.

If I read them right the poetry only appears in the webzine version of the mag (with an option for print, though it doesn't sound like they typically do that), so I'll post a link here when it's up, which should be at the end of January or early February. Of course I like having a paper-bound copy to hold in my grubby paws, but still--fourteen bucks! :)

Two poetry publications, and not even through the first month of the year. I hope it's an omen. Guess I'd better send some more stuff out!

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