Sunday, April 28, 2013

V. 2, #32: April 28, 2013

With one month down, eleven more to go,
I'm feeling pretty good about it all.
They haven't all been great, they haven't all
been gems, but then they can't all be, you know.

But for all that, a couple have been fine
if I say so myself. No masterpiece,
perhaps, but halfway decent ones at least,
and all of them, for good or ill, are mine.

Sometimes I stumble over clumsy feet
(like dactyls or trochees), and sometimes rhymes
are near, or not so near. But there are times
when magically, my sense and rhythms meet.

Still, sometimes there's just nothing much to say,
and you get something like you got today.


1 comment:

Scott said...

Sometimes also you rhyme the same word with itself in the first stanza, but you leave it anyway. :P

That's part of the Project though...some days you're not inspired, but you write one anyway, even if it's one like this. The process eventually comes hopes, anyway. And for what it's worth, I DO think a couple in volume 2 so far have been all right. :)