Friday, September 08, 2006

#138: September 8, 2006

"Hey, babe--I got something you'll want to see,
but if I show, you got to show me yours!
It's stiffer than the drinks this barkeep pours!
That's funny, right? Aw, c'mon, talk to me..."


"You come here much? I think I might recall
a beauty of your 'caliber,' now Hon.
Can you help me cock and load my Love Gun?
Hey, I'm just playin'--can I give you a call?"


"Man, dead tonight--well hi there, little lamb.
S'a mirror in your pocket there, perchance?
Cause I can sure see myself in your pants!
Ow! Hey, no need for violence, baby! Damn!"


"Hey dude, let's split. Ain't nothing going right.
How's I supposed to know it's lesbo night?"

1 comment:

Sonnet Boy said...

"Scenes from Ladies' Night at the Singles Bar." :) Meant in good humor.