Wednesday, September 13, 2006

#143: September 13, 2006

To make a friend is easy: you just say
your name, shake hands, make small talk for a while,
discover common interests, exchange smiles,
and make a date to meet again next day.

It's keeping friends that's tricky. Life's not slow,
and objects not held tightly will get thrown.
Distance and time separate, or unknown
offenses turn our comrades into foes.

It takes an effort--which is why I'm glad
that through the years you never loosed my hand
when my grip faltered; now I understand
what rescued riches I might not have had.

I thank you now for such tenacity.
May all your friends be more like you than me.


Sonnet Boy said...

Happy birthday. :) Sorry it's so late, and so sappy.

mrs. tool said...

Emoticons can't do justice to the smile that's on my face right now, SB. You made my day. Thanks, and backatcha.

middleclasstool said...

Quit hitting on my wife, you bastard.

Sonnet Boy said...

We're just friends, mct, honest! Look, it says so right there in the sonnet: friends!


mrs. tool said...

Besides, it's abundantly clear that by "rescued riches," he really means "your husband, who will watch crappy horror movies with me until the wee hours of the morning."