Monday, February 12, 2007

#295: February 12, 2007

If one goes jumping over candlesticks
in search of greater glory than he's earned,
with all those fire-defying tumbler's tricks,
one should not be surprised his pants get burned.

If one sits in a corner rooting pies
in search of stewed fruits over which to gloat
and finds nothing, again it's no surprise--
dessert-despoiling children should take note.

For no one's ever lived a nursery rhyme
and fairy tales aren't called such 'cause they're true.
As each childhood is sacrificed to Time,
all grown-ups soon unlearn what children knew.

So turn the tap for water, and be still;
remember what became of Jack and Jill.


middleclasstool said...

Jack and Jill made the story up. Turns out it was the old cycle of abuse -- Jack popped Jill one, she took a couple of swipes at him, and the next thing you know they're cooking up this whole "came tumbling after" nonsense when the cops show up.

ml said...

Damn, but you're good.