Friday, February 16, 2007

#299: February 16, 2007

The sun sinks down behind a mound of toys.
Don't pick them up; just leave them where they lay.
Pull covers over sleepy girls and boys.
Draw down the shades: time to call it a day.

Bring them raggedy dogs and teddy bears,
And baby blankets no doll could replace;
Put nightlights on, drape housecoats over chairs,
Listen to prayers, and share one last embrace.

Outside the night is dark and cold and deep,
A wide world where a child's easy to miss;
In here it's warmth and coziness and sleep,
A father's bear hug and a mother's kiss.

So close your eyes and lie snug in your beds,
While dreams drift down like snowflakes round your heads.


ML said...

Some days I love them best when they're all asleep. They smell so sweet, and they're so quiet, and their faces in repose are like classical angels' faces...

My word-verification word is "goadlqf." Doesn't that mean something?

Sonnet Boy said...

I think it means "liquefied goat." You might wanna check me on that, though. :)