Sunday, April 05, 2009

#410: Mulligan 3

Some nights you have it, other nights you don't.
Now guess which kind of nigth this one might be?
Sometimes the muses will, sometimes they won't,
and no use being a jerk about it, see?

I've got a few ideas I kick around,
a line or two composed and good to go,
some incidental music, striking sounds,
But will they come together now? Hell no.

I hate to write like this; it seems a cheat
to spout iambs, beat them like a drum
As if to count to ten were such a feat,
I guess it's either this or sit here dumb.

What's better--silence, or misshapen air?
That answer I don't know--and don't much care.

1 comment:

Scott said...

Rough weekend. Not much time nor inspiration. Mulligans coming close together...not a good sign. Still, the play(fulness) is the thing. S'what I tell myself, anyway.