Thursday, April 30, 2009

#435: Backyard

It should be flat. There ought to be a tree
right there--a river birch as centerpiece
around which everything else falls in place:
the compost heap, the long landscaping ties
around the garden--tall tomato plants,
with their red ornaments and glutton birds.
And over there, of course, two metal chairs.

There ought to be a swing set you can see
from inside, at the sink, say, finding peace
in one tall, sweating tumbler, while the lace
of hops that climb the porch posts give your eyes
some shelter from the sunlight, and the dance
of wind and leaf speaks inscrutable words
designed to calm away your daily cares.

1 comment:

Scott said...

Getting nostalgic for our first house in Farmington, Arkansas, which had a *great* backyard. Super place to play, to relax, to work, to read. Not nearly as steep, rocky, and mosquito-infested as our current back yard. For what it's worth.