Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pub or Perish 2009: Sonnet Boy Reads Again

Last night I read at the Arkansas Times' annual Pub or Perish reading, held this year at Sticky Fingerz in downtown Little Rock. It was a great time, and my poetry seemed to go over well. Dorothy Allison, author of the 1993 National Book Award finalist Bastard Out of Carolina and the featured reader of the night, made a point of telling my my sonnets were "wonderful." So that was nice. :)

But why take Dorothy's and my word for it? Pushing the Sonnet Project into multimedia territory, I am pleased to offer free for download my complete reading from Pub or Perish 2009 in mp3 format, via

Just click on the link, select "free user" (unless you happen to have a Rapidshare Premium account), and wait until the link appears, usually less than a minute. It's about 10 MB big.

Also, I tried to record the kind intro David Koon of the Arkansas Times gave me, but my VR didn't pick it up very well. Once I start reading though, it comes through all right.

And let me know what you think!

CLICK HERE to download Scott's reading from Pub or Perish 2009!


Anonymous said...

Love hearing you read, Scott! I commented on the entire thing on FB, but want to add the erotica poem made me both smile and grimace -- people are ashamed? What?
Your loyal fan,

Scott said...

Thanks, Max! Wish you could have been there.

As to embarrassment...just try dragging Sarah over there! ;)