Wednesday, September 18, 2013

V. 2, #173: September 18, 2013

A gollywog is not a pollywog,
no matter what they teach you at that school.
The rhyming names put some brains in a fog,
but Son, your daddy didn't raise no fool:

You might as well confuse fishes with dishes,
though two more different things will never be.
One might present t'other, fried and delicious,
but that's a far cry from equality.

You see, the Polly grows his rear legs first.
In contrast, Golly sooner sheds her tail.
And G-wog does her business while immersed,
but P goes pee on dry land, without fail.

So now you can discern betwixt the 'wogs.
Till they mature, at least--then, frogs is frogs.

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