Thursday, October 03, 2013

V. 2, #188: October 3, 2013

One should not answer one's cell phone while pissing--
a truth each genteel person understands.
Whatever pressing news one might be missing
can keep till one has flushed and washed one's hands.

Should one receive a call whilst urinating,
one may be well excused to let it go.
It might seem rude to keep the caller waiting,
but in some cases, such is apropos.

So friends, obey this maxim when excreting:
eschew all telephonic intercourse!
Behaving otherwise is self-defeating,
and something etiquette cannot endorse.

Be not a slave to this technology;
In short, when at the urinal, just pee.

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Scott said...

Yes, it's still an ongoing concern. :P